Remote control for Phones (not just tablets) [Released in Roon 1.2]

Roon Phone has been my main project for the last handful of weeks. So rest assured, it’s coming.


Hi Brian,

That’s excellent news! Will this app be a remote only or also a player???


We’re absolutely thinking about these “on the go” cases, but we don’t have anything to announce in that area quite yet. For now, this will be a new version of Roon Remote that will work on supported phones.

More details soon!

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Two weeks later. Any updates? Pre-Christmas release??

I Dont wish to purchase an ipad simply to have a remote control for the roon. Not having the ability to use my iphone as a remote will stop me going further than the 14 day trial.

Am currently using audirvana and its iphone remote so will likely continue using this until you get a remote working on iphone.


Hey guys, we’ve made a lot of progress on the phone interface and it’s coming real soon, but I dont think it’s going to make it into the release we’re planning for the next week or two.

It’s really looking great, just needs some more testing before it goes live. Sit tight!


So looking forward to this. The iphone as a remote is a natural.

Fingers crossed for iPhone (Zone) playback on iPhone 5 and up.

Is it safe to assume any phone app you release will also have an Android (and maybe even Windows) equivalent?

Any news or future release for iPhone 6 Plus I have a galaxy pro 12 but roon crashes a lot on it .

Yes please! Even just a basic remote would get us started. I have two iPads but they are both models that will not run Roon. Luckily I have a Surface to run as a remote but an iPhone remote would be so good.


Hello any updates yet

Also looking forward to the iPhone app :slight_smile:

Hey guys…I know you’ve been extremely busy and that is reflected in the quality of the core updates. However, it’s been a couple of months since the “it’s coming real soon” for iPhone. Sounds like many of us are waiting for this. I actually bought an iPad mini 4 solely for Roon, but I really miss the portability and convenience I had with JRiver via the JRemote app, so much so that I often shut down Roon and just run JRiver.

ANY updates would be appreciated.




Steve - I’m right with you there^

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Being able to use my iPhone as a remote would be very nice, but what I really want from a Roon iPhone app is the ability to play music from the phone when I’m not online. It would need to sync with my music collection when I’m online/at home.

The only reason I still use iTunes is to load music onto my phone. I’d love to no longer need iTunes and to be able to completely rely on Roon for managing my music.

It would be useful if the Roon iPhone app supported Tidal, but the Tidal app for iPhone is not bad, so that is not a high priority for me personally.


Any news on the time frame for iPhone control??

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I am very interessted in roon. i started my demo yesterday. one thing is sure for me. i wont start a membership until there is a iphone app. so please give us a iphone app!
and nick is totally right! the iphone app needs a Sync feature. Just like Plex has it.

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A lot of us want this Tobias, but in the meantime you’ll be missing out on using Roon for your home stereo - why not enjoy it as it is now, and then you also get to see it evolve and hopefully one day you’ll get a little message saying ‘the iphone app is here’ :wink:

Come on Mike!! Release something! At this point label it a beta if necessary, but at least give us the opportunity to do some basic control via our iPhones! I want to get off JRiver completely but can’t until this is complete.

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