Remote Control of Roon Core for HDMI Output

I have Core Roon components installed on MacBook Pro, Intel i9, max RAM. MacBook Pro is outputted via Thunderbolt Port to HDMI Adapter with cable plugged into NAD 765 Home Theater. Sound is fantastic and is lossless all the way through when using a Tidal or FLAC source. Video display of Roon interface will also display on my big screen TV when I initiate a session from the core on my MacBook Pro. However, if I try to remote control the core from my iMac across the room, I only get the audio to play, and the video to the TV remains on whatever display the MacBook Pro was showing. On the iMac used for remote control, I can pick audio zone to the HDMI output on the MacBook Pro, but apparently that only sends the audio, and not the video. So the solution is to get up out of my chair and start the session from the Core if I want the video display to change. It would be great if I could do this remotely.

Interestingly, I also have Apple TV connected on my TV, and I can use remote control, and pick Apple TV, where it sends both the audio and the video to my big screen TV. This works okay, but Apple TV is limited in sound and can’t play my raw 24 bit, 192Khz sources.

Does anyone have any idea why the remote control action where I pick HDMI output on the core only sends the audio, and not the video?

I have a wireless keyboard/mouse for this.

Hi @Robert_Connors,

If you are using the Roon Remote app to send content to a Roon Bridge then Audio only via HDMI is to be expected.

You will want to have the Macbook pro configured on the Now Playing screen to auto-update based on your iMac track selections or use a compatible Roon Display Output Device.

I am also wondering, do you have the correct zone selected on your Macbook pro/iMac before you start playback? A few Screenshots of the issue will probably also help here if you can provide a few.


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