Remote control of Roon to Sonos via Windows

Windows Server 2019/32Gb Ram/Intel SP1200/Roon 1.7

Ubiquiti Network, Sonos and Roon Server on same subnet

Library stored locally on Hard Drive

When using a remote (iPad or PC) to play music to Sonos, receive “Roon lost control of the audio device” after 29-30 seconds. The issue is repeatable.

I have narrowed this down to when I disable the firewall on the Windows Server box, this issue does not occur. When I enable the firewall, it does.

The current firewall config includes:
roonserver.exe - all TCP and UDP ports
RAATSERVER.EXE - all TCP and UDP ports

TCP 9100 - 9200
UDP 9003


Hello @Edward_Baubie,

Welcome to the forum! Does this issue only occur on your Sonos zone or does it occur for any type of zone? If you try playing to System Output does that work as expected?

Thank you for the warm welcome!!

It only happens with Sonos. When I play to a Windows client or the system output the issue does not occur. Fascinating that it is like a relay feature.

Hi @Edward_Baubie,

Are these the only ports you have set as exceptions in the Windows firewall? I would make sure you add Application Level Exceptions for Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe to the firewall as Roon uses randomized ports as well.

Per my first submission, there are application level exceptions for Roonserver.exe and RAATServer.exe. Since this is a server only, I don’t have Roon.exe installed.

Hi @Edward_Baubie,

Do you by any chance have another PC running a standard version of Windows (non-server) or MacOS which you can try to temporarily use the Roon Core on? We don’t perform any testing on Server versions of Windows, so perhaps this issue is OS-specific.

Hi @Noris,

I ran just roon on a Windows Surface Pro and did not have the issue. I then took the regular Roon app and installed it on the server along with RoonServer. Once I allowed the new firewall exceptions, it worked! It might be good to explain when RoonServer is needed and when it isn’t.


Glad to hear the Surface is working as expected @Edward_Baubie!

I am not certain what you mean by this, can you clarify? If you’re just asking about the difference between RoonServer and the Roon app, the Roon app has a GUI while the server edition does not. The Roon “All-in-one” (as we call it), can run both Roon Core and provide the GUI.

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