Remote control roon core with a Windows pc? (Windows Client is not working)

I installed roon full download windows 64 on a NUC ( with Windows) and also on another windows pc.
I would like to set core on the NUC and remote on the other windows pc.

when I am prompted to choose the unit for core I set NUC, but after that on the other windows pc it says to hit " return" in order to confirm I chose NUC for the core, and after that step roon software is freezing ( white page with gif roon logo running right in the middle) , like it is looking for something indefinitely…

should I instead install server windows download on NUC and full windows version on the other windows pc?

  • Details on Core machine : NUC8i3xxx with Windows 10 pro, full version of roon for Windows 64 installed ( last build)
  • Details on Remote machine : windows surface pro 5 (i7, 8 Go) with Windows 10 pro, full version of roon for Windows 64 installed ( last build)
  • Networking details : home standard windows private network

thanks, JC

The way you are doing it is fine. You can run the full Roon install on both the NUC and your PC, and just use the Windows PC for a controller.
It’s possible you may have a firewall blocking either of the Windows installations. Check that as a cause. It’s easiest to temporarily turn off the firewalls to trouble shoot. Then make sure you have exceptions for Roon and RAATServer. Also make sure you are set to a private network.
You may only need to reboot your Windows PC. You are on the right path.

sorry Scott,
I did reboot the pc which should be used as a remote control.
then i turned off both firewalls on the two pc.
and it has the same behavior unfortunately.

Okay. I am going to move your post over to Support so it can get more attention. In the meantime, it will help Support if you can give more specifics about your system as listed here.
I hope you get up and running quickly.

hi Scott,
thanks for the move :slight_smile:
I updated my first post with details required…
thanks again.

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someone to help? :wink:

Hello @Jean-Claude_Gallard, and thanks for the details! Could you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

hello @nuwriy
I send you 2 logs files, one for the core pc & one for the control pc.
I use wetransfer instead of Dropbox.
hope this is fine.


hello @nuwriy
any news please? :slight_smile:

Hello @Jean-Claude_Gallard, and thanks for sending those over! Please keep the link up for a moment as I’d like to run these logs by my team. Hey, I noticed that RoonLog02 is missing from the file, was it not present?

Also, does this issue happen if you boot up the machine with it completely disconnected from the network?

hello @nuwriy
I have no idea about what is included in logs, I sent you the whole thing :slight_smile: I don’t know why roonlog02 is missing.
I did try to reboot both machines without network, but unfortunately same software behavior.

hello @nuwriy
any news please?

Hi @Jean-Claude_Gallard,

Thanks for sending the logs over. I took a look and, besides a couple of networking errors, nothing is jumping out just as an obvious issue.

Just to confirm, when using the NUC to control Roon, do things work okay?

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the machine that won’t connect?

hi @nuwriy @dylan

yes, my NUC control roon correctly

and as I explained in my first post, on the other machine I see a white page with gif roon logo running right in the middle

please help me


hi @nuwriy & @dylan again

well I decided to uninstall and reinstall roon on remote pc, and now that works!

… but it is very slowly reacting.

may you have any idea how I can improve that?

thanks, JC

Can you elaborate on what you’re seeing here, @Jean-Claude_Gallard?

Is it the UI that is slow? If switch to a different remote do you see the same behavior?


solved! :slight_smile:
it was just a virus on my pc


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Hello @Jean-Claude_Gallard, well we’re glad you found it! Please let us know if you have any further issues.

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