Remote Control RoPieee 3.075 + Roon 1.8

After updating Roon to version 1.8, I also updated RoPieee to version 3.075. After these two updates, I lost my remote control with Flirc :frowning:

Roon doesn’t see the extension…

Is the problem in Roon, RoPieee or elsewhere?

Can you send me feedback? You can find that option on the ‘advanced’ tab.

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Unique identifier f27e6a9ea022d86e

hmmm… weird. The extension is crashing.

So… If you’re up to it you could try to switch to the beta channel (that can be done from the advanced tab). No guarantees, but there’s an update there for the remote extension that might fix it for you.


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I have beta mode enabled, but I don’t see any updates.

ok, if you’re already on beta then this will take max 15 minutes or you need to reboot.

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I did not see the update on the beta channel and returned RoPieee to version 2.526 stable.

Roon saw expansion:

Remote control via Flirc works.

We’ll have to use this old version.

I had to continue experimenting since I didn’t like the sound of 2.526 relative to 3.075

I took a new memory card, installed version 3.066 on it and updated it to 3.082 beta. The remote control worked until I enabled Hat support. But the sound in version 3.082 beta did not like it either. Had to go back to stable version 3.075 and not include Hat support.

As a result, the best USB sound and remote control works.