Remote crashing with latest release [Resolved Remote and Core both updated to Build 333]

@support My core is on QNAP NAS and after the latest update, if I select Audio from the settings menu, the app crashes.
I can select all other categories there.
I have restarted my core without any change to this repeatable behaviour

Have you updated Roon on the iPad yet? There should be an update available.

Cheers, Greg


Not yet, I’ll look out for it. I expect that will solve it.

App update fixed this

Thanks for adding support for chromecast. Execpt my Roon on Mac, all other iphones and ipads I have will restart when i go to setting --> Audio

Thanks for sharing your report, @Shahryar_Sedghi!

Can you confirm that your remote devices have been updated to the latest version? This should go away after they are updated.


You are right. It is still back version. How do I enforce update?

Same issue here but I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now running the latest build.

Hey @Shahryar_Sedghi,

If you go to the app store and search for Roon you should see that there is an update available.


Thanks. Update did it.

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