Remote Desktop causes loss of audio configuration

I have my Roon Server on a dedicated Win 2016 Server PC. To copy the music files to the server’s HD I connect to the server through the remote desktop function. When I log off from the remote desktop of the server it loses the audio configuration. Because everything works, I need to restart the server every time.

Any suggestions?

Try using splashtop or team viewer instead of rdp.

Yes, this is a known side-effect of using RDP (see the last paragraph here). As Daniel says, Teamviewer does not have this issue.

Alternatively, depending on your setup, you could share your Music folder out over the network, so that you do the copy operation from another device to the server PC. Then you don’t need to use a remote desktop function at all for this.

Hi Daniel and Geoff thank’s for yours replies.

I know both TeamViewer and other remote link systems but I’ve adopted the remote desktop because on the Roon server, which is optimized with AudiophileOptimizer, I would not add any additional program beyond the OS. For the same reason, I prefer to keep music files on a dedicated SSD within the server to eliminate all server OS network services.

Remote Desktop takes control of your system’s drivers, which causes all sorts of problems for Roon. My recommendation would be TeamViewer, too

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If you setup Remote Desktop to play audio on the remote computer it appears to no longer interfere with Roon. To set it up, in Remote Desktop go to Show Options, Local Resources tab. Under Remote audio click Settings… and select “Play on remote computer” at the top where it says, Remote audio playback. Click OK. Now if you connect with Remote Desktop it leaves the audio alone on the remote computer so Roon’s audio configuration stays found.

I was also running into this problem and searching for a solution. When I read your reply something clicked and I remembered that setting from digging around Remote Desktop at work a while back. Gave it a try and sure enough it fixed the problem.