Remote desktop install and Remote app?

Wondering if you folks have given consideration to renaming “Remote” installs in light of the Remote apps? While they are two distinctly different things, in light of the importance of understanding the Remote/Core relationships, and the roll out of these Remote apps, it may be something worth considering?

I haven’t done a Remote install either on computer or a tablet yet, so forgive my ignorance. When would it be necessary to distinguish between a computer Remote and a tablet app Remote ? Is there some functional difference between the two or or do they just have a different look and feel ?

@andybob was just (over-?) thinking about this when posting about a Remote install. From a tech support point of view, if one were to just use the word Remote, the context may not be clear. Both are pretty significant components of the Roon experience and not necessarily mutually exclusive as when using a Remote app to control endpoints connected to a Remote install.

Hi @bebop57,

The Roon software can be installed (and run) on a given device as either a server or as a remote … that’s it.
I’m not really sure where the confusion come from.


You’ve got two critical aspects of the system that use the word “Remote” as a proper name. My colored lenses tend to flag such things to minimize miscommunications, so tossed it out. Seems like a non-issue. Sorry for the bother.

from Roon’s point of view, the remote on the tablets is the same software as on pc, just with some minor changes for how platform specific stuff works.

I get what bebep57 was after. A remote pc install can be a working Roon player that is connected to a DAC via a USB card (or mobo connection), similar to how HQplayer calls its NAA, or what Jplay refers to as audiopc. This remote install has work to do, which is serving music that is managed by the core. OTOH, a remote app like Android or IOS ipad app is, on the surface, more simply a GUI browser of music (like a jremote). However, it seems the actual software is such that the IOS app could actually have a DAC connected to it if the ipad allowed…and as such is just as “powerful” or functional as a remote pc (in neither case do they have library functions). That is where Roon sees them as somewhat equivalent but some of us see them as very different (cuz of usage).

What I have learned over time with Roon is to let go of my prior preconceptions about how music player, music servers and music software in general should work and embrace the new paradigm, resisting the urge to have Roon conform to what I was used to, this has taken some time, but the return was well worth it.

They are bending the world, and I think that is a good thing.

@ted_b: except you can connect the output of an android tablet to a amplifier for now, and in a upcoming build, we will add android usb support, so you can hook up your usb dac to android as well.

the only difference between android and mac/windows becomes the ability to run as a core, and local filesystem stuff, which is much more of a platform limitation, rather than application limitation.

Right, thanks; I was just making a hypothetical (I wouldn’t want to connect my high-end dac to an ipad either :slight_smile: ). My point was that many of us see the word “remote” and think only of “remote controls” and not client-server back ends. Indeed the IOS remote sitting on an iPad will be primarily used as a GUI remote control (or personal playback device), but a Windows 10 remote will likely be used more as a server in the client-server example.



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I believe the original poster was asking a simple question that has confused me and I’m sure many other users who want to simply use a Windows (Surface) tablet or Laptop as solely a remote controlling a headless core.

This begs the question: When is a Remote Not a Remote, but is a Remote? When using Roon software of course…and scratching one’s head while attempting to interpret the Download menus.

Roon Server
Roon Remote

Remotes have a “Remote” download category for them. But when one uses a Win Laptop as a remote, there is no remote download software category for that occasion. One just installs the Roon Server package and then selects the remote option during installation. I believe I have it correct, but it still is confusing.

It seems like it would be less confusing if there was simply a remote software selection for Windows PC’s, rather than lumping them into the Server category; when there actually is a remote download category; just NOT for my device and that’s what I want to use my laptop for: just a remote!

Yeah, I get it what’s going on, but it shouldn’t be this confusing to every Roon neophyte in a similar predicament…By now to eliminate this initial confusion, I would have thought something would have been done to change the Download menus…my 3-cents…

A Remote is any Roon installation that is not a Core. Roon for Windows and Mac can be designated as a Core or Remote on installation. This KB Article describes each package. Remote for iOS is now an Output also.