Remote device (tablet) access to the Roon Core

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 Chillblast i5 8MB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

plusnet router ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

100 MB

Description of Issue

You might need to give everyone a little more to go here, like has it ever worked, have you tried turning the windows fire wall off? Are you on the same network address range, ie not a guest network, etc

Hi @Peter_Galsworthy

Can you provide some additional details about your setup here? Are you still seeing issues?

Hi Dylan

Thanks for following up with me - I was working on this on Monday.

It is a Firewall issue. I switched from Avast Firewall to Windows Defender & my tablet & PC connect fine with Roon.

I would, though, like to resolve the Avast issue (I have their Premium Security package). I used the guidance I found on Roon forum, but still no joy. Roon Remote output problem - PC/Windows 10 [Resolved - Avast Firewall Adjustments] - #16 by LowKey I suspect the issue may be around how I set the RAAT & Roon rules to get through firewall.

I was going to email Avast to see what they say. Any thoughts you have appreciated.