Remote devices not shown (via VPN)

I installed the newest Roon Core on a QNAP TS-453B and in the same network it works fine. Now I installed a VPN connection to my home with the Roon Core. I can find the Roon Core at the office which is connected by VPN. Also I can control the audio devices at home from my office.

My problem is that I can not find any remote audio device of the office and also not my computer as audio device in the office.

I read all the articles with VPN in the knowledge base but I can’t find any solution regarding the remote audio devices (in my case the devices in my office). To be clear: I can find my Roon Core from the office via VPN (including port forwarding of 9003 UDP and 9100-9200 TCP).

Can somebody please help me?

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Is the IP address op the VPN’ed device in the same subnet as the Roon Core in your home network? Roon is not designed to work accross subnets.

I find myself in a similar scenario where I can VPN into my home network, detect and connect to my Roon Core, control playback to all devices in my home network…except for the actual device using the VPN as it’s in different subnet.

The remote computer, which is connected via VPN has an IP address of the subnet of the Roon Core. But it has also an IP address of the remote network, which is another subnet.

Thank you, Michael

Roon does not officially support VPN use. As such, this falls under Tinkering and if you want I can move your thread to that section where others maybe looking and can give you ideas.

You also might search the Tinkering section for other threads concerning VPN.

Daniel, that would be great. Please move my threads tho the right section. Sorry, that I opened it here.

Hopefully I get a solution there.

Many thanks, Michael