Remote devices unable to connect to Roon Core consistently (ref#SM19W7)

Is Roon Server running?

· Yes, Roon Server is turned on and running.

What do you see on your screen?

· "Waiting for your Roon Server"

What happens if you press the "Select a different Roon Server" button?

· I don't see Roon Server.

Please select how you've connected your Roon Server to the internet

· Roon Server is connected by *WiFi*

What is the operating system of your Roon Server host machine?

· *MacOS*

Select any of the following components that are present in your local network setup

· None of the above

Describe the issue

I am running Rune Core on a MacBook pro and that works fine and connects to my Raspberry Pi without issue. However at present none of my remotes (ipad and iphone) can connect to the core, and they cannot even see the core. This has happened multiple times during my trial and the only thing that works is resetting the router (Spectrum SAX1V1S). After resetting the router everything will work fine for a few days and then it doesn't. I don't want to have to just reset my modem every few days to get this to work. Roon is great but if it is indeed this buggy on the regular, I won't be able to continue past my trial (as I'm not an engineer). Any help would be appreciated. Note: I have no wi-fi extenders, I have UPnP enabled, Security Shield turned off, no firewall on the MacBook, and I cannot connect the MacBook Pro to ethernet as it does not have an ethernet jack.

Describe your network setup

Core and remotes connected through wifi. Core has no ethernet jack so that is not an option.

Roon is best utilised using wired connections, so if you are not able to do this it might not be the system for you. There are USB to ethernet converters that can be used with the newer MacBooks, or there are relatively inexpensive machines that can be used as Roon cores. But, as with all things it comes down to what is the most suitable system for your particular circumstances.

Hmm, thanks for the honesty. I have some old beatup chromebooks lying around that might have ethernet jacks - maybe I’ll try that.

To be clear: The advice that @Glimmer is repeating to avoid WiFi pertains mostly to the Roon Server (or core in the parlance used by the OP).

The Chromebooks will not run the Roon Server software and so they will not fix your issue with Wi-Fi to the Roon Server.

Good to know re: the Chromebook, thanks. I discovered it does not have an ethernet jack anyway.

Hey @benamsden,

Welcome! And thanks for taking the time to write in about your issue.

As others have said, it would be ideal to get a better understanding of how things are operating with your Roon Server machine directly hardwired to your router via ethernet - although I do understand it can be a bit cumbersome to get that connection set up initially.

I was able to review a fresh diagnostic report from your Roon Server, and do see frequent network-related issues, I’ll share a few examples below:

Warn: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] failed to connect Network is unreachable
Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer localhost @] client connection failed. Retrying in 1125ms
Warn: [zone Ropieee/Modi] Track Stopped Due to Slow Media
Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer] All streams were disposed

Let me know if you’re able to get a temporary hardwire connection going from your Roon Server directly to your router, and if your issues persist afterward. :pray:

Thanks for the quick response, I’ll see what I can do to set up a hardwired connection. At least Roon on the Macbook works :slight_smile:

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