Remote doesn’t recognize core

I’ve created this problem.

Earlier today I attempted to solve a Roon issue by Restarting Roon Database and Settings. Not only did that not work, but caused a the problem of “Missing Codecs”

So I re-learned how to install the Missing Codecs and this solved the problem? See photo

But now the remote doesn’t recognize my ROCK

What am I missing?

If you replaced the database, your Rock may be recognized as a new Roon Server. Your remote probably is still connected with the „old“ server, as far as it knows.

You probably see an Unauthorize button in your remote. Clicking it will disconnect the remote from the „old“ server and then you will be able to choose the new one.

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So simple! This fixed it and solved the other problem I was having as well. Thanks so much

I was really overthinking it :upside_down_face:

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