Remote extension crashing

Hi Harry
It’s seems since updating to the latest Roon server build my Ropieee is having issues with the extension crashing on the core. I also noticed yesterday that the now paying tracker timer was feeking out during playback. As I am also having issues with another extension as well I think this might be related to something in the latest update released this week.

ok. there’s has been an update to the extension API, so I’ll try to release an update asap.

Can you send me feedback on the node with the crashing extension?

Can Ropiee talk and chew gum? Can it run, say, DigiOne and also host extensions? I seem to be behind the curve…again.

Yeah no problem. The extensions are extremely light weight.

Not sure there is a way to install other extensions on Ropieee. It’s display one it inbuilt.

Ah ok. I was too quick. I answered in general, but @CrystalGipsy is right. RoPieee only runs it’s own extension, at least for now.

I’ve just pushed out an update with an updated extension.
No guarantees it fixes the problem, but at least its build against the latest extension SDK from Roon.

Thanks Harry. I’m not quite ready to load extensions, but will let you know how it goes.

Update has worked Harry.Thanks again for sterling support,

@spockfish still something not right the timeline for playback is still broken. The time that normally counts is flashing as is the time bar. It appears to do this when another endpoint is playing. So very odd. Video link attached sorry for quality.!AgHQUEVFVR_nodwu7kU3sToZjvB3Cg

Feedback sent e12810bd3918bf66

Also can no longer put in wireless details. Reflash time again?

Relfashed back to display not working again like last time. Harry somethings seriously wrong with the latest image on the website,

To be sure: is the feedback from after the reflash or before?
And what happened after the reflash? No screen update at all?

Sorry. Yes just reflashed and its no better. The touch ui did not install like it did moving up to 170 and then when I installed it manually by the command you gave last time it did not enable the service so I had to enable that too. Display is back and I think its up to date, but the time display does the same thing as soon as I start playing another zone.

New feedback. 3ef530166a490822

Just noticed powering off my Naim Atom in the other zone from Ropieee made the display loose connection and then it came back. Something really odd going on.

In fact it keeps dropping off all the time. Wil try a different network cable.

That made no difference and still cant put in any wireless details, the boxes are doing nothing.

Also closing down the windows remote caused it to loose connection and then it came back again.

Well, the extension stuff I’m not sure. That’s the problem with the latest extension, something is wrong. I’m in the middle of a complete rewrite of the extension, but that’s far from done.

The failure during installation is clear: that’s because it does not have an internet connection, which in turn is a result of the crappy 1GB support that the Pi 3B+ has. I’ve made something that switches back to 100MB, but I can see in the logs that your Pi takes a long time before the connection comes up again. Too late for the installation of all the required software components.

I’ve already made a chance for this, so what I can do is create an image for you so you can test.

Cool happy to test.

I can see that the extension seems to be getting playback time from all the endpoints not just the one it’s configured for. This explains why it freaks out with more than one thing playing. I only noticed this as the ropieee system was paused at the time but playing time was active. I paused the endpoint that was playing and it stopped.