Remote keeps losing connection

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Microjukebox (Small Green Computer) latest build updated with Roon Server

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

ASUS RT-AC88U. Microjukebox (primary music NAS) and 2 Vortexboxes with “redundant” media but not RAID hardwired to ASUS

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sonos Controller hard wired 5 pairs plus one sub and one TV play bar and one bridge, far from server room

Description Of Issue

New user: install proceeded well, adding network shares seemed good, started off well but every time things start, Remote on IOS iPhone loses connection. Screenshot shows Roon Server accessible over WiFI but not to remote. Hard restart of Microjukebox usually fixes for a few minutes till connection lost again.

Sonos was fully detected by Roon on setup and still functions.

Turning off firewall on ASUS did not resolve the issue so it is back on.

I loved what I saw with Roon so hopefully can get this resolved Thank you!

FWIW I reinstalled the Roon Server App on Microjukebox. The install seemed different in that there were two setup options not seen the first time. Then I set it up to scan only the music folder on the primary music NAS on which resides the RoonnServer. It worked for an hour from scratch setup then I had to leave.

So if it still is working it could either be a corrupted install which worked intermittently or inability to handle processing 300,000 items at once…

Hi @Lawrence_Klein,

As per our Networking Best Practices Guide, we suggest toggling “multicast” on in your router settings if it is disabled. Trying the fresh database is a good step, but if the issue is still occurring, I would give that setting a try.

Tried that before with no luck. I think I may have overloaded the capacity of the Microjukebox server. Haven’t got back to check on status yet…thank you

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Hi @Lawrence_Klein,

Do let me know how it goes and if the new install helped resolve the issue.

Thanks apparently not as I am unable to connect to server again, will try a hard restart again later tonight though I can see the Roon server on the network. It still may be a labor intensive job to assemble 100,000 tracks on this device…

Problem continues with constant loss of connection to Roon Server by Roon Remote requiring hard restart. Then connection stays up for a few minutes and lost again. Roon Server remains visible on Network and service can be stopped and restarted with no effect on visibility to remote. When service is visible, indexing continues and is about halfway through the files in the single share folder at about 55,000.

Turning off background audio analysis helps for sure. Not certain if it fixes the drops yet but at least I can go an hour or two with both audio analysis functions off. Does this indeed suggest too labor intensive for my setup?

Hi @Lawrence_Klein,

How large is your music library? I can’t find any specs for the MicroJukebox online, it is possible that you’re trying to push a database larger than it can handle on it.

Do you by any chance have a PC around the house which meets our Minimum Requirements and you can use to try hosting the Roon Core on?

If you wish to transfer the database over, I would suggest checking out our Migration Knowledge Base Article. Also, you may be interested in ROCK as a Roon server solution.

Yes it’s pretty large. 100,000. I have three redundant music servers, not raid. At first I tried using all three. When that failed I tried just using the version in the Microjukebox which still have problems. Cutting off the audio analysis seems to be working, albeit still with more latency than I’d like.
Turns out I have a Sonic i5 Transporter on the way, so I will wait and see if this solves the problem. I plan to use the three music servers just as storage devices, and i5 as the core if this works out…if it does not work I can try a PC instead…and if that fails I will look into ROCK…thanks!

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PS Andrew at Small Green Computer felt that the Microjukebox was not sufficient spec wise for the library size but thinks the Sonic i5 transporter should do the trick and allow me to use my existing media databases…

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So turning off audio analysis completely and limiting the content to about 100k media files seems to have allowed much more stability on the Microjukebox and I was able to use Roon for extended periods.

Later today I should have the Sonic i5 Transporter and will hope the much expanded capacity will allow full usage of Roon…

When I looked at the “Throttled audio analysis setting” it would not go past the first file in most cases even after long waits, so I think therein was the usage bottleneck…

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