Remote loses core

@tboooe ----- Thank you for clarifying that information for me! I will be updating my notes as I continue investigating this issue. Thanks again for the feedback!


We’ve had a few issues that have taken precedence Eric.
Our WiFi is a netgear nighthawk c7000 but I think I’m seeing there is something about connecting my Samsung tablet to 2.4GHz and PC to 5GHz that works.
I will keep everyone updated when I get more time.

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You need to factory reset of your device.
First of all, turn off the device by pressing the Power key.
Then hold down Volume Up + Power button for about 10 seconds.
You may release held keys as soon as you see the Android Robot.
To enter the Recovery Mode hold down the Power key for a short while.
After factory reset if again the problem happens then troubleshoot your device using Dell Venue 8 7840 Manual. If needed ask Dell Support for help.

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