Remote MacMini shows only core outputs, no local ones at the MacMini remote

My core is a MacMini, running Roon server. All remotes (Windows Notebook, iPad) are running fine.
The exception is the remote MacMini. When I start Roon on this remote, the connection is fine, but in Settings / Audio only the Outputs of the core are visible.
When I create a new User profile on the remote MacMini and switch to this new user and start Roon, all is fine, all remote MacMini outputs are visible.

For me it seems to be a similar problem to this one:, the solution was not posted.

Both MacMini (Core & Remote) are running Catalina (latest version), Roon is up to date.

Any suggestions how can I solve this Problem?

Many thanks.

Hi @bernd_schmidt,

Did you use Migration Assistant or a Time Machine Backup when setting up this Mac Mini?

The remote MacMini was setup with Migration Assistant support (Programms, settings etc.), but there was no Roon installation on the source system. The Core MacMini was setup from scratch.
I have also uninstalled Roon on the remote MacMini, cleaning all Roon relevant files / folders on the disk and then I installed Roon once again, but the result is the same as mentioned before

Hi @bernd_schmidt — I just sent you a PM.

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