Remote not connecting issue

My system has been working fine for many months until we had a power cut. Since then I’ve been unable to connect to my Roon Server core?
I have rebooted everything including the routers and finally in desperation I’ve re-installed the server software, but still no music.
My server is installed on a dedicated Mac Mini, connected via Ethernet to an Apple Time Capsule/Router and my main remote is my iPad.
All software is latest release.
The Mac Mini is recognised but the remote just won’t connect, I keep getting the yellow light “connecting”, cycling on to the red light “connection failed”

Hi @GeoffD ---- Letting you know that I have reached out to your via PM for some feedback, thanks!


Having had no responses to my post on my connection issues, and having now been without Roon for over a week (fortunately my Sooloos system still works) I now want to do a complete uninstall and fresh headless install of the Roon Server on my Mac.
Can someone advise me of the best procedure to ensure all the existing files are deleted and list the files and locations that need to be removed?

Hi @GeoffD ---- As mentioned in our PM conversation, I have combined your two threads into a single one (i.e here) and will advise accordingly.

In you PM response to me you mentioned the following:

I think that at some point in my attempts to get the core to connect I may have created a second database so a clear out and fresh install seems to be the easiest solution.
Since the power cut over a week ago I’ve been unable to connect to the Roon Server that resides on a dedicated Mac Mini. The remotes, whether iPads, iPhones or Mac computers, initially find and display the Mac Mini before cycling through “connecting” then “failed to connect” for a while then just displaying the cycling “waveform” and “looking for your Roon Core”.
Inputing the Mac Mini IP address from the help button does nothing.
The topology of the music server network is all hard wired using an Apple Time Capsule/Router to connect just the A/V items using a Netgear gigabit managed switch/bridge that also links to the Sky router that handles the internet.
The audio comprises of Meridian 861/ID41/DSP7200 for the main system, plus a couple of other other systems, Dynaudio active monitors in my studio controlled by an iMac with Roon Bridge, via a Meridian DAC, and then the Meridian MC200 feeding the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC via its balanced outputs to another smaller set of Dynaudio active monitors in my office, then lastly a collection of Airplay devices scattered around the house.
My legacy Sooloos system still functions across the Meridian systems.

My request is to make sure I’ve deleted all the existing files, apps and databases from the Library, before starting a clean re-install, so a list of the files and default locations for Mac OSX (High Sierra) would help me a lot.

Before we go about doing a fresh install there are two things I would like to confirm with you:

  1. If there are actually two Roon databases in play

  2. That the IP addresses assigned to your devices are in the same IP range.

Part 1 - Roon database

We can easily confirm how many databases are present on the MacMini core by doing the following:

  1. Please stop the RoonServer process from running on the MacMini.

  2. Once the RoonServer process has been halted please…

    • Open Finder and click “Go” in the top bar
    • Hold down the “Alt key” to unhide the “Library” folder
    • Click the “Library” folder
  3. Within the “Library” folder you are going to be looking for multiple instances of the “RoonServer” folder which is your Roon DB.

  4. Please verify if there are more than one of these folders present on the MacMini.

Part 2 - IP addresses of your devices

I have seen instances in the past where a user has taken a power cut and their devices are assigned new IP addresses as a result. If you load an app like FING on one of the affected remote device does the application display the core and remotes as all being on the same network?