Remote NUC turn on


I had a quick search and don’t see an answer to this question apologies if I missed it.

Is there a way to turn on an Intel NUC using an app or remote control once ROCK has been flashed

There are some options but they require Win 10.

Just wondering if anyone has solved this.


Bookmark this: http://rock.local/1/poweroff and click when it’s bed time!
(you may have to replace rock.local with its ip address).

You can use a WOL utility to power it up again…
I use - miniWOL v2 - Quick and Easy Wake On LAN Utility
And/or (on ipad): ‎Mocha WOL on the App Store

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Hey Mike,

Thank so much that’s excellent advice.

Turning off’s not an issue I can go straight to Rocks IP address and there’s a power off button.

I’m not that lazy that I can’t press the power on button but sometimes I grab a coffee, sit in my prime position recliner, get comfy and settled to hear some tunes through my PMC’s when I realise I haven’t turned the NUC on.

First world problems I know.

Found a couple of WOL apps in Google Play.

I’ll try them out and once again thanks for help and attention.


Free version of FING does not show MAC (tells: Not avaliable)

Meanwhile i took an very old win-pc to get the mac. :slight_smile:

You can look it up in your router or use an application like Fing on your iPad that will show your network.

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Excellent, that worked.
Can you send other commands other then /poweroff?