Remote or Bridge?

Hi , I have run ROON for years from one computer, controlled by ROON Remote or directly. I only had one listening room.
Am moving house soon. If I keep my existing computer with ROON [ which has core plus all my files on it ] and use it in one area of the house … …am I better to put ROON Bridge on the second stereo computer or use ROON Remote on the second computer which will be downstairs in another music room. ??

Thanks in advance.

Roon Bridge just makes directly connected audio devices (USB, HDMI, analog and/or digital outputs of the sound card) available for Roon. If you need/want to control Roon playback from the second computer then you have to install Roon (Note: There is no Roon Remote package for PC [Windows or Mac]) on it.

About the usage of the Roon package: Roon comes with its own Bridge functionality built-in. As soon as you start Roon, the audio devices become available to be used and controlled but they also become unavailable as soon as you quit Roon.
You may want to install Roon Bridge in parallel to Roon to overcome this limitation (on the second computer) depending on your needs.
You may want to install Roon Server in parallel to Roon (and configure Roon to act as a Control only) on the existing computer so that your Roon Core is available on the network without the need to have the Roon Control (GUI) constantly open/running on it. This also depends on your needs.

Related documentation: (AFAIK the same basic steps apply even when the old all-in-one Roon installation and the new Roon Server install are on the same machine but I never did this myself.)


Thank you so much…makes sense

moving a core to Roon Server from the AIO Roon install is trivial… its in the KB pages too

running Roon Bridge and Roon Remote on the same machine is no issue either. you can have as many remotes running on different devices as you like - all pointing too the same Core instance.