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My remote on my computer does not change what is playing. It looks like it’s working but it does not change the audio.

I generally use my iPad to control the system. My computer was using an ethernet cable to connect to the internet but I got a new modem and the ethernet cable stopped working. Shouldn’t the system work on Wifi?

An Ethernet connection is best sounds like you have discovered that WiFi cannot guarantee connectivity and throughput.

Hi @Steve_Child,

You are correct. For a remote, WiFi should be ample whether it be a mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

I decided to enable remote diagnostics on your core and here’s something that’s really relevant I believe:

09/13 12:54:23 Debug: [easyhttp] [43060] POST to returned after 1801 ms, status code: 200
09/13 12:54:26 Debug: [easyhttp] [43061] POST to returned after 2240 ms, status code: 200
09/13 12:54:27 Debug: [easyhttp] [43062] POST to returned after 1740 ms, status code: 200
09/13 12:54:27 Trace: [backup] uploading files. bytes transferred: 1097579198/1815164720 (60%)
09/13 12:54:28 Debug: [easyhttp] [43063] POST to returned after 583 ms, status code: 200
09/13 12:54:28 Debug: [easyhttp] [43064] POST to returned after 256 ms, status code: 409
09/13 12:54:28 Debug: [dropbox] received status code 409, error summary: path/not_found/

So try these things. Make sure your Roon client on your laptop is set up appropriately for drop box and can be logged into. The errors I’m seeing are happening multiple times per millisecond and it’s filling the logs.

Another thing I see is that your laptop pulled a 169.x.x.x address at one point. This means it couldn’t get online. The other 192.168.x.x address I see I suspect is the wifi IP address. You might doublecheck where your LAN cable connects to ultimately. The Xfinity Gateway has several things for you to check too. I belive they call it “smart connect” but whatever the label, it’s how the 2.4 and 5ghz bands are broadcast. I highly recommend separating the two bands and naming them something different. 5ghz has far less interference than 2.4 and should at the very least, provide a more ideal setting. On this same topic, I had countless issues with my Xfinity Xfi Gateway even when only using it as a modem and putting it in bridge mode I had issues. I had to do away with it and go with a Motrola Modem/Asus Router combo.

Lots of things to look at and consider. Let me know what you find and I’ll be monitoring for replies!


hi Wes-I have 2 Nucleus, 1 in Idaho and 1 in Park City. I think that the dropbox issues are with the Idaho property. I just spent an hour on the phone with Comcast and in the end he blamed Apple. I will;l take you advice on the Motrola Modem. I use my computer to add music to my Nucleus and if the remote is not working, can I still use it to add music?

Hi Steve,

You should be able to access it via any computer on the same network as your core. Absolutely! in my case, my Nucleus is and within windows, I just go to start>run and type \\ and it brings me right to my storage drive. Just make sure that you’re putting them in the same location as the rest of your music (aka existing watched folder).

You might see if you can find another rep at Comcast. I think separating your two wifi bands (2.4 and 5ghz) might go a long way in fixing your problems. Once done, ensure your audio devices are connected on 5ghz. Your Roon Remote doesn’t require this and should be fine if left on 2.4.

Best wishes. I’m here to help if you need me!


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