Remote response time poor / response failure : v1.1 [Remote Connection]

Hello @rolski and @AndersVinberg, new build is out, it contains fix for connectivity issue on Windows . Can you try to update your Roon clients and see if b65 resolves your problems. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

@vova @mike
Initial feedback : after the update to build65 (early this morning) I’ve been able to re-connect my Remote every time I’ve tried - so far so good…
I’ve just left my Remote to go into “sleep” and Roon disappeared (all of my other running programmes were present & restarted when I woke the machine up again) which is not ideal behaviour - but perhaps that’s another bug.
I’ve also tried a Remote shutdown, waited for a while, and restarted. When I opened Roon, it connected immediately / seamlessly.

In summary : so far, it seems that the fix works - so - many thanks for that.
I will of course keep you posted if there are any other developments and I’d appreciate some investigation being done into the random crashes.

@vova @mike updated windows host to b.65, only tested with iOS remote.
Connects well, so far. After sleep, app shutdown and reboot.

However, when I leave the client in the album browser, I come back in the album view that I was most recently in, even though that album view was several cycles ago. I noticed that behavior yesterday as well, on the previous build. Have not noticed it before.