Remote restart of Core/Remotes


It would be very useful to allow restarting of the Core from a remote. The whole essence of Roon is that the server/core can be (and often ideally is) located quite far aware from listening locations, so when DACs and such glitch out and the Core needs a restart, it seems a no-brainer option :slight_smile:
Thanks for considering.

EDIT… In fact it would be nice to be able to restart any instance of Roon running on the network, by any device, Im holding a Tabpro as remote control but I am outputting via sony laptop to ifi from a core in another room, and any one of the core or endpoint could be the cuprit when it stops working.


more often than not the OS is what is getting hung up…use a VNC or TeamViewer instance or for rock you have the web GUI or linux use SSH

Edit…optionally as John indicated while I was posting - it might not be a big deal to have as an option in the remote for the core anyway.

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Given this restart behavior can be triggered from any Roon device at the end of a version update, seems as if the restart part could be isolated and exposed in the interface simply enough.

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Yes but Roon really needs this type of function to be behind an Admin control of some sort. It is already an issue that the lack of lock-down that can be applied to profiles exposes Roon configuration settings to anyone using a Remote.

locking down of remote capabilities is something that has been talked about for a long time now…@support where is this option currently…Roadmap or back burner?

I would like to bump this please.

There are only a couple of reasons I ever need to restart the core: either a memory leak or some fubar with Tidal which means that it doesn’t load the albums in, but really, being able to do a restart from my Roon Remote would be much more elegant than logging in to my NAS to do it.