Remote Roon Volume using Bluetooth HID Consumer Control

Hi @spockfish ,

I’m thinking of building a bluetooth remote volume knob for Roon along the lines of:

Assuming a RPi running RoPieee (and paired with the device) could you support receiving the BLE HID consumer control codes for volume, play / pause, next track?

I thinking to package up nicely with a large brushed aluminium knob and it would make a great coffee table always ready volume control. :grinning:

Any interest? (there are probably commercial devices around that this would work with too giving it broad appeal)

Best regards,

Have you thought about trying this:
roo6D - The wireless high-end physical volume knob for Roon - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community

Hello @DrCWO,

Thanks for the idea - I like your software solutions and I’m interested in the forthcoming RooPlay.

I currently use RPi 3B running DietPi (lean configuration with no wifi enabled) and RoonBridge feeding a USB Soekris DAC. Also run shairport-sync so other devices can stream to the RPi eg AppleTV for movies :slightly_smiling_face:

Does this sound like a use case that you might support and if so when is it due for release?


Bruce, Roon Bridge will be integrated soon and for free in the next release.

My first plan was to offer special support for Motu M4 with rooPlay regarding four channel output. I experimented a lot last week but at 192khz I always got few small dropouts approx. each half hour. This means I need a realtime kernel for that use case and that will take some more time. This means Roon Bridge will be integrated soon, rooPlay later.
Regaring Airplay playback rooAir is planned. It will offer a radiostation that can be configured in Roon so you can airplay to roon using its DSP capabilities.


It’s great to see that you have a nice product that you want to promote, but can you please do that somewhere else then on the RoPieee corner?