Remote runs once on Windows 10 desktop

Roon Core Machine

Synology 918+ NAS with Linux 4.4.180, Version 1.8 Build 180

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti network. 1GBE wired, Remote and core on same switch.(and about 1m apart physically…)

Connected Audio Devices

Windows WASPI

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I have Roon remote on multiple WiFi connected laptops (all Windows 10 pro) and android phones. In addition to those - audio endpoints I have a Bluesound Node 2 and A&C SP1000 all work perfectly. Wonderful so far… …however
On this machine:

This machine is:

I had never been able to get it connect to the Core since first install a week ago due to this error:


Whoopee! (I thought). But again today, will not connect.

The problem seems always to be the local RAATserver unable to start

But it worked ONE time…


turn off firewall to troubleshoot on the remote

THANK YOU for responding!!!

There is no firewall between the core and remotes… and all the others work…

and in the last few minutes I have “lucked in” on a work-around. It turns out if I launch Roon very early in the windows post-boot app startup time, it launches fine. So clearly there is another app that is contending for the same resource with Roon (or more correctly sequestering a resource in a non-friendly way) and the Roon attempt to set up a TCP socket for the server fails.

I could trouble shoot what app or service is doing this by elimination - but it’s just as simple to have Roon autostart and avoid the problem…

If I have a spare hour in the next week I may track this down so the community has a warning about app resource conflicts…

THANK YOU again for reading and responding.


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Suggestion to troubleshoot…
Disable Roon-Core on startup, restart-pc
Open Tcpview, tcpview
Look if port 9200 is used (Roon/raatserver uses that port if started)
If the port is used, there you can see what the process is, stop that process then start roon-core

thanks Lars - as noted in my previous post, there is something causing a resource contention on my PC that prevents the ROON remote starting its server. So I have a work around that simply launches ROON on boot - before the lockout occurs. When I finally have some time I will work out what it is that is causing the problem and post accordingly

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