Remote Turning On & Off

I am new to Ropieee (which is just amazing) and Ras Pis. I have installed two and they are working great. I am trying to integrate them with my Harmony remote. I have everything working except for power cycling. I can turn off the Ropieee with a web request Is there a way to get it to start up without physically replugging in the Pi (ir, ssh, web request)? Does the Flirc usb dongle allow for power cycling? Any tips or advice would be welcome.

Pi’s draw so little why would you need to power it off?

No there is no way back from a power down command, other than repowering the pi by pulling power and on again.

@wizardofoz, I am just trying to minimize as many of the phantom sources of power in the home as I can. Ever since I have started living off of the grid for part of the year on solar power that I have developed a keen sensitivity to power consumption. Not a necessity but would be nice. I can do this with all my other devices. Just thought a clever person out there had a solution…

The Pi would have to be powered up to respond to any of those, wouldn’t it?

I think only if it is getting power from the powered-up Pi.

The key is you have to somehow send energy to the Pi in some form, electrical or mechanical, to cause it to boot up again. Simplest would be to plug the power brick into a relay controlled by something else, like this:
But then that’s drawing power…

@Bill_Janssen - What I find interesting is that on the Pi even though it is “off” the led is still red. That makes me think that is still active in some way – but obviously this is not the case. Look like my Mac does when it sleeps. Online, I see they sell hats that allow you to turn it on or off but this seems like a bridge too far for me.

I was thinking about using one of my smart weemo plugs that I use for lamps around the house. That draws about .5 a watt of power I believe which still might be less than the pi when not streaming music. The problem for that is controlling it with my living room Harmony remote. It doesn’t speak to weemo or any other smart plug without going through apple Home automation and using something like IFTTT. With my previous setup I was able to power down and power up my Sonos Port as it had infrared all through Harmony. Now that I have replaced it with the Pi ( That was my hope for the Flirc. Much happier with the Pi for <$100 versus the $400 Port and it supports high res audio…

I am just going to leave it on for now and chill over the power usage…

Well unless you are unplugging the rpi power supply from the wall it will still be drawing some power…you might want to measure what an idle pi is consuming when you have issued the off command verses just leaving it on without a shutdown…you might be surprised or we might all be.

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