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Hello. My Roon system has worked perfectly for a good while, but I have just started to have real problems.
I recently removed my NAS box from Roon, as I thought it easier just stream everything. I use Tidal through a Lumin.
My Core is a Rock Intel NUC which has always been great. Occasionally I restart it, but otherwise it just works. I use an Oppo Pad Air for the Remote.
I restarted the NUC software this morning and now I cannot do anything with any of it!
When I run the remote, it comes up with the NUC core, and when I click ‘connect’ I go to a login page (with a free trial!).
When I fill in the login details (correctly) it tells me I have no Internet connection. That’s all - I can’t get anywhere else from this!
I have temporarily installed the remote on my phone and laptop and the same thing happens.
I have no idea what I have done to cause this!
Hoping for some support!
Mike Anderson.

Hey @Mike_Anderson,

Ben with Roon support here, thanks for taking the time to write in, and sorry for the delay in following up!

Do you know if you have a recent backup saved? As a next step, can you get back to the login page - but this time, click the option ‘Restore from backup’ that is below where you’d enter your credentials.

I also see from your account page that your Nuc has been active, and successfully updated to the latest build. Let me know if you’re still having issues! :+1:


Thank you so much for responding to my query.

However, as you correctly see, it is working perfectly now!

The day after it totally refused to connect, I tried it again - I am sure I had done nothing differently - but, instead of asking for a login, and then falling over, it asked for a login which I provided, and then it connected straight away. Since than it has been working absolutely as usual - i.e. with no problems at all.

So - I don’t know what happened - but it’s OK.

Kind regards and thanks again,


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