Remote WD NAS mapped as local drive?

I’ve ordered a new WD NAS, which will arrive next week. My intent is to move all the uncompressed music files to it (and repurpose the two smaller units). It’ll take days to do the transfer.

I don’t have hands on it yet, but: WD advertises that it’s easy to share NAS contents via the Internet (presumably via port forwarding). I’m wondering whether it works well enough that I could map it as a virtual drive at work, permissions set to read-only, and tell Roon to look there for audio files.

I suspect not, because I think I would have heard about it, but I’m wondering why / why not and whether anyone’s tried it.

Given some of the absolutely horrible security vulnerabilities WD have had with these devices I would be very careful about doing that.
YMMV of course but as long as you have multiple copies of your data then less of a problem.

You might want to look at something like Tailscale instead. It creates a simple VPN and I have used this to copy data from my Synology several times, while closing my Synology off from their web based access

Another option could be to use the sharing your internet router offers. Just make some parts of your WD NAS avail to your router and offer access this way. This of course only makes sense if the router does this more safely and reliably than the WD NAS does.
Important: Be sure to know what you are doing when opening your private data and parts of your private network to the evil internet. In doubt - don’t do it.

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