Remotely adding files to external hdds to nuc running rock?

Is it possible to add files from a windows 10 PC to a nuc running rock. Attached usb had

Thank you.

I can add files to the HDD inside my nuc but I cannot see the attached USB HDD, at least not through file explorer.
So I have not been able to do it.

I’m sure if it is possible someone smarter than myself will chime in!

Any external drive attached to the ROCK NUC, will be shared under storage. So, yes, you can easily copy files from a Windows PC to the external drive attached to a ROCK Nuc.

That is what I would have thought too but…
I only can see the INTERNAL drive of my nuc, file explorer does not show the EXTERNAL hdd drive attached.
What are we missing then?

Roon is pointed at this location so it can index and play files from it but I still do not see it under file explorer?

Well scratch that!

I just checked again this morning and now under storage on the nuc I do indeed see both the internal and the external hdd drives.

This I did not see the last time I looked which was maybe 2 weeks ago.

Not sure why/how it has changed but this is now exactly as I would expect.
Pictures shows the file explorer path for reference for the op.

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Yes, it works for me now from storage :slight_smile: happy days

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