Remotes cannot connect to Synology DS218+ Roon Core - connection screen displayed indefinitely

Hi have roon on Synology DS218+ ( 6.2.3-25426) for a year without any problem.
I have the last stable roon package installed.

Since few days, i cannot connect any more to the server from any client (iphone on mac).

The roon clients find my roon server before i try to connect.
Then when i connect, I have no error message, just the connection screen is there for ever.
If i stop the roon server, i have at once a connection error.

What should i do ?

thank you


Hello @Bernard_chabrand,

So sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to enjoy Roon for a few days already… :pensive:

Have you given a try reinstalling Roon on your Synology?

Hey @Bernard_chabrand,

We didn’t want to move on before checking with you: how have things unfolded in the past month? Is there anything we can do to help? :nerd_face: