Remotes cannot find core after windows10 install

I wiped clean previous core machine due to a virus, installed windows10 Home, and then re-installed core on same machine. I am able to play music to my dac from this “new” core machine, but none of my remotes (iphone, ipad, PC) can find this new roon core. I tried “Select a different core” on the ipad and the PC (not knowing if I needed to do this?) and it just says Looking for your Roon Core. Any help would be appreciated. I’m guessing it’s something to do with firewall/security in Windows10? My configuration is below:
Core running under windows10 Home 64bit with Intel Core2 Duo T9550 2.7GHz
Motorola Arris SURFboard modem/router connected via ethernet
Mytek Manhattan II DAC with ethernet bridge via ethernet

Check your anti virus / firewall settings. You probably have some of the .exe”s blocked.

both roon.exe and raatserver.exe are checked as allowed apps on private network in the firewall settings on the core machine. All 3 remote devices (iphone, ipad, PC) see the roon core and show an orange circle with “Connecting…” next to it, but every 5 seconds, it flashes a red circle with “Connection Failed”

Turn off the firewall… trouble shoot after that…if it fixes the issue your firewall settings are obviously not quite there yet

I turned off the firewall and then all remotes were able to connect to the core. I then turned the firewall back on, expecting the remotes to quit working, but they all continue to work, so problem solved! Thanks for the help everyone!!

Until you restart windows maybe… I would remove the Roon/RAAT exceptions and re-add them again being sure to get all the roon apps you need.