Remotes can't access Roon Core on NAS after internet line failed

Core set on Qnap TVS 471 NAS
This Qnap core was set up to be identical to the one recommended by Roon by Chris (I think) many years ago and has worked well since then.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk connected by ethernet to NAS

Remote is wifi from Dell laptop to router.

My Roon setup has been working flawlessly for years and then on Monday I lost my internet landline. The landline was eventually reconnected by I can’t get my remote to connect to the Core located on the NAS.

I can access the NAS via the network and Roon locates the core, but it can’t connect to it. I disabled IGMP? on the router and reinstalled Roon as suggested in another thread but that has not worked.

I did the resetting of modem and router and NAS consecutively but that did not work. I’ve run out of ideas.

I’m sure someone has had Roon fail after internet disconnection so there must be a solution.

Connected Audio Devices

Bryston BDP1 connected to NAS by ethernet.

I managed to solve this problem but I’m not sure what fixed it.

I installed Roon remote on my desktop PC which is connected to router by ethernet cable. I wanted to detemine if the problem was restricted to wifi. The remote stuttered but eventually connected to roonserver on the NAS.

The stutter bothered me so I hit reset button on the netgear router once more before trying the remote on the laptop. (I had installed a fresh remote on the laptop after disabling the old Roon folder, as recommended on another thread).

The fresh installed remote on the laptop worked.

I had rebooted my internet network a few times previously and that did not work. Maybe the router needed another reboot or maybe the desktop access to the roon core woke it up. I don’t know which. I suspect the roon core had gone into hiatus and needed activating by a program.

In any case if you lose internet connection at the nub, it is best to reboot your whole internet network sequentially so all the bugs can be removed. Reboot a number of times if necessary.

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