Remotes can't find core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Core on Sonic Orbiter transferred from Toshiba laptop
remotes =Windows 10 on Toshiba laptop after transfer of Core, iphone Xplus, ipad



SonicOrbiter AP/ UltraRendu


Description Of Issue
After transfer of core from laptop to Sonicorbiter AP. Roon worked well for a few days and then remotes could not fine core. Sometimes after rebooting DAC, the remotes would find Core, but not in the past two days.

part of the problem may be my difficulty following ROON directions and keeping track of terminology that is new to me. Apologies

Not very much to go on … I can’t find a problem

Hi @Chas_Foley,

Roon support will require more information in order to offer advice.
Could you edit your post and answer the proforma questions … having an accurate description of your setup will greatly aid the resolution of the issue.

Hi @Chas_Foley,

Apologies you’re having trouble here! Would you kindly edit this post and fill out the template above so we can better understand what you’re experiencing here?


Dylan, I am confused. Was able to attempt edit, as you requested. I hope I gave enough information. I can provide more if you specify.
My problem is worsening by the day, yesterday and today, I can not use my remotes at all. The lap top (which I want to sell) that housed the core before transfer just displays a ROON message asking me to find a core . If I try it, hangs up. I can sign in to ROON support but can’t find a path to check settings.

Hi @Chas_Foley,

Thank you for the updated information here, it is much appreciated!

Do you know what router is in use? Is it a router provided by Xfinity? Are you using any other networking gear (such as network switches or wireless access points)?

Can you confirm how your devices are connected to the network? Is the Core and Windows 10 machine connected via an Ethernet cable to the router?

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