Remotes have Lost connection to Roon Core (Linux Ubuntu Virtual Machine)

Core Machine

roon core installed on linux ubuntu virtual machine

Network Details

all devices wired
and SOTM and roon core vm are pinging

Audio Devices

SOTM 200 ultra neo

Library Size

scription of Issue**

was connecting fine
changed ethernet cable and can access sotm web page and ubuntu roon service is running but remotes cannot find sotm device as before – they can communicate with other previous devices e.g apple tv
roon is running on sotm and its web page is up

when you try to connect
it says searching for roon core indefinitely

Hello @Richard_Kern,

Thanks a whole lot for reaching out about this and for your patience while we got a chance to reply after the weekend :nerd_face:

Sorry about the trouble with connecting your Remotes to your Roon Core :sweat: . While you may have tried this already, does a complete reboot of your Core and endpoints help? This involves turning off the device, unplugging for a couple of minutes and then turning them back on.

Just to make sure, all devices are updated to the latest version of Roon and are on the same network, correct?