Remotes "hunt" and don't find Roon Server

I am not having any luck with Roon finding my server. It is online, it is running Roon, it is up to date. The Roon app on my phone, iPad, and Windows computer just hunts and hunts. I hit help and type in the correct network address for the Roon Server and it just keeps on hunting, never finding.
I have rebooted everything. No help.

I suggest that you open a Support Request if you want help, and use the following guide to provide details of your setup and issue. Thanks.

Okay, thank you.

Hello @aangen,

I’m sorry we didn’t see your post until today :pleading_face:

I was wondering, would you like to tell us more about your setup, according to the guide shared by @Geoff_Coupe (thanks @Geoff_Coupe :pray:)?

We’d love to help if this is still an issue :nerd_face:

I am experiencing the same problem. Windows 10>Roon 1.8>ultrarendu>Yggy. My remotes, Android phone and tablet, do not stay connected to the core. I can turn “accept connections from remotes” on and off and the phone/tablet will reconnect but it won’t stay connected.