Remotes loosing Mac core continuously!

Roon Core Machine

Hi all,

New to Roon here, but need you input with this issue.

I am running the core on mac mini 2018, 3.6GHz core i3, 8GB DDR. MacOs ver 11.6. The mini is more or less decided to the roon core.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin media Hub3 which is connected to a Linksys Velop which provides the wifi connectivity at home. There are multiple devices to the wifi at all times, as we are working at home doing zoom, vpn, etc.

Connected Audio Devices

The mac mini running the core is connected via HDMI to the TV. It also has a USB connection to a DAC/Streamer when listening to music from other sources on the Internet.

Bridge is Ropiee on a Raspebery 4B, integrated on an Okto Research Dac8.

Number of Tracks in Library

There is no library. Accessing music only with Qobuz and Internet radio stations.

Description of Issue

I have two remotes, one on an iphone 12 and on an iphone 11. The remotes will lose connectivity to the core. The only way to reconnect is to log in to the core and toggle the “Accept connections from remotes” switch as seen in the attached screenshot.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Many thanks,


also to mention the core cannot identify the Roon OS Core, pls see attachment


Hi Terry, welcome aboard!

Too bad, things aren’t smoothly falling into place for you!
Worse even, there’s likely no easy fix for your problem, either.

I’d strongly recommend visiting Roon’s help center to get more familiar with how things work, and browse through some of the knowledge base articles - for starters, check out Networking Best Practices where you’ll find the most important recommendation:
Your Roon Core should always have a wired connection

Following Roon’s recommendations will likely save you from headaches, such as you are describing.

Good luck!

… forgot to say, that this is only for devices running Roon’s operating system, as the Nucleus or a Intel NUC with ROCK - so that’s of no concern for you, as you’re running MacOS …

Hi Martin,

let me thank you for your response. Will connect the core to the wired LAN.

Many thx,


Hey @Terry_Papakostas,

I’m very sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply as soon as you created this thread and let us know of the connectivity issue you ran into.

I wanted to follow up, even if at such a later time. Is there any update you can share with us?

Hi @beka I am pleased to say that after connecting the core and the bridge to the wired network, there were no more problems.

Many thx, Terry

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