Remotes losing connection Roon stops

Since 1.3 Roon sometimes stops playing mid track. On several occasions just before that I noticed that the Roon remote in use (wireless android tablet or phone, or a wired PC) lost connection. It might be the network, of course. But all the parts are fairly new, and I experience no other problems in my network at all. Since build 203/204 this behaviour seemed to be over, but today it re-appeared.

My NAS (Synology ds213) Roonserver (Brix i7 6500u, 8 GB RAM 2400 Mhz DDR4, Lubuntu) and Sonore microRendu are connected through a Trendnet switch (TEG S50G) which is connected to a Netgear router (R7000 Nighthawk).

Roon is upsampling to max PCM rate (power of 2), headroom adjustment -5 dB and volume leveling is activated (auto).

What can I do?


Hey @Bluebeat – the best way forward is probably to start eliminating possible causes and see when things get better. A couple places to start looking for improvements:

  • Try with upsampling turned off
  • Try copying a file to the Core’s internal storage and playing that (to eliminate networking issues between Core + Storage)
  • Try playing to a DAC connected directly to the Core (to eliminate networking issues between Core + endpoint)

If any of these yield an improvement that will be a good data point, but in any event let us know what you’re seeing and we’ll go from there. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

My friend is running Roon on a Dual Core PC and notices that the remote loses connectivity to Roon as well. For reference when using JRiver, he has no issues with the remote running on the same Tablet.

On the system in question, the MyTek DSD-192 is attached via USB but the media is being read over a Gigabit network from a QNAP NAS. I didn’t note if the issue happened mote often when streaming hi-res vs redbook.


Thanks @mike. I’ll do some testing.


Tried upsampling switched off. After a few days Roon again stopped mid track. Apparently not the bottleneck. There’s a new ethernet cable on it’s way. When it’s in place, I’ll do some more testing.


No new ethernet cable yet, but I didn’t use the switch for a while and plugged NAS, Roonserver and DAC directly into the router. Just now it stopped midtrack again. Upsampling is still off, volume leveling still activated. Not done testing yet but, @mike, any ideas?

Another thing, might be related, might not, my Roonserver is running fairly hot, the fan is constantly on and producing a lot of noise, even when not using Roon at all. Can’t explain that. Thought I’d mention it.

Same here. I used to have my HP Elitebook 1030 G1 as my roon core and I used it also as a remote. A few days ago I purchased an Intel NUC and installed ROCK. It constantly drops connection on any remote I use(my Samsung Galaxy S8, my wife’s S7 edge, my Macbook Pro). After that I get the screen Trying to reconnect… and it takes from a few seconds to nearly 1 minute to reconnect. My setup is this:
Music is stored on a Synology DS413 NAS. The Synology is connected to an HP Procurve 8port Gigabit at the ground flor switch wich is connected to another HP Procurve 8port Gigabit Switch at the second floor where my audio gear is. On this second switch I have connected both the Intel NUC and the PS Audio Directstream Junior.
The routers in my home are 3 Google Wifi devices(all of them wired to ethernet) one on each floor but this I think matters less since all the audio chain is hooked up in the two switches. Another thing is that all the devices in the chain(NAS, NUC, PS Audio have fixed IP adresses). I do not have other networking issues in my home. Everything works very good. I am an IT system engineer and I designed everything in my home networking wise using good quality components.
I am very pleased with the Roon ROCK core as a concept but I am very disappointed by those issues. When I used a single device as a Core and Remote I didn’t experience this. Maybe once a week the music stopped playing in the middle of a track but that was something I could deal with. This Lost Connection ---- Trying to reconnect thing… is driving me nuts…
One more thing I wanted to add. In the past when I had my HP Elitebook 1030 as a core and remote I rarely used any other device as a remote. But when I did use my Samsung Galaxy S8 I used to get this same error Connection Lost ----- Trying to reconnect… but it did not matter because most of the time I used the Elitebook as my remote/core so it did not bother me. Now that I have the NUC as a Core and every other device is a Remote and I get this error so often it makes Roon almost unusable. It has to do with the way the Remote communicates with the Core. It has to be somekind of flaw there.

Thank you

I think I solved the problem. I disabled “Enable Opportunistic Locking” in SMB Advanced Options on my Synology NAS. I also unchecked “Disable multiple connections from the same IP address”.

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Thanks Marius, I’ll check those settings, although I only have dropouts now when upsampling to (double) DSD. Things got better after the software update of my microRendu and Roon build 234.

Hi all- did you ever get this fully resolved? I’m currently having similar problems using an Intel NUC server and microRendu enpoint. Posted about it here “Lost Connection” Once or Twice per Day[Solved. Bad ethernet cable]

Hi @Kyle_Fieleke,
No, still not entirely fixed. When not upsampling (PCM or DSD) no problems. The problems are more frequent with DSD, but upsampling to PCM is not troublefree. I have given up on upsampling for the moment. No time to investigate this further, for now.
When you have a solution or know what the reason is or might be for this behaviour, please let me know!

@Bluebeat thanks - for mine I think I had a bad ethernet cable between the router and the switch. I replaced it and now have not had a dropped connection for several days.