Remotes not syncing


For some reasons my Roon remotes do not sync anymore.


  • Core machine: Mac mini (end 2014) 10.14, 8GB, 1TB
  • Library is stored in 2 places: Mac mini & QNAP NAS
  • 1 Roon endpoint: NAD amplifier
  • Mac mini is connected to an HDMI TV

Roon Remotes

  • MacBook
  • iPhone

Here are the 2 main issues I noticed:

  1. if I play a track from my iPhone remote, it will play fine on the endpoint, however the client on Mac mini is not synced, meaning it does not show the track playing. It will display fine on the MacBook remote. same the other way: if I play a track from the Roon server on the Mac mini, it will play fine on the endpoint, but it won’t be displayed on the iPhone or MacBook remote

  2. another weird thing I noticed: when I start playing music from the iPhone / MacBook remote, the system volume icon in the Menu bar on the Mac mini is greyed out (screenshot 2). When I click on it, I see Sony TV selected (screenshot 3). I have no clue why it switches to Sony TV audio output!
    If I play from the Mac mini roon client, it will go back to normal, meaning “Ecouteurs / Headphones” selected. (screenshot 1).

Not sure how all this happened, I have not made any hardware updates recently. Seems to be a software issue.

Any help would greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @sakurabanga,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on each device? Is the same zone selected for each?

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this endpoint?

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