Remotes taking a while to connect

Hey Kursten

I believe I may be experiencing the same issue. My Core (HP Laptop) networked via Wifi ethernet to PS Audio Dac. Trying to have any one of my iPhones be the remote. As you stated, it takes for ever, or does not seem to recognize the core. All setting options seem to be correct. I even typed in the IP Address. I take it, this has always been a problem. Hope to see you get resolution, so that I may piggyback off the response from Tech Support.

Hello @Den_Letto, and thanks for your post! Could you please try temporarily connecting your core directly to the router and see if this issue still persists? In our networking best practices, we strongly advise against using Wi-Fi for the core. If you still aren’t getting results, please let me know about your setup such as what router you’re using, etc.

hey Nu. I figured out the issue. Was firmware blocking the correspondence. it’s a work computer.

thank you,

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