Remotes unable to connect to Core

Yes, exactly. Same for me, Roone 1.7 build 511.
At least ONE bug or an incompatibitlty or an inconsistency has been introduced. Here are the symptoms from TODAY Jan. 3 only, after the latest automatic update that took place just before:

  • The Roon core takes 5 times longer to start.
  • Everytime it restarts, it says the change of version requires to restructure the library or something like that, that takes another minute or so - why every time ? If restructuring is needed, it should be only the first time not afterwards.
  • my iPad Roon Remote can’t fine the Roon server anymore (VERY annoying)
  • my iPhone Roon Remote can’t either.
    I am running Roon server of Mac Book Pro 4 cores i7 @2.6 GHz, OS is Catalina 10.15.2. Music folders on Airport Express Disks - what else can you do with a big library and a SSD Mc Book Pro that has to stay close the converter (Neutron Star DB Systems).
    This is really annoying and unwanted.
    Until yesterday everything worked fine. Upon updating Roon it was longer once, for updating the database.

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