Remove "albums" and "all albums" distinction

I find the distinction between “albums” and “all albums” as used by Roon confusing. When I click on an artist, I want to see all the albums (and EPs, appearances etc) on that screen. I don’t want to have to click again to take me to this. I am not interested in someone elses view of what the “main albums” should be - I just want to see all the stuff I have by that artist. For example, for many artists, there are 4 albums listed on the main artist page. If I click “view all albums” I get 5. I just don’t find this helpful and find it quite distracting.

What I think is good is the ability to have the music split by albums, EPs, appearances, etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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This ^^ +1

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Any updates on this?