Remove All feature for Clear Queue

With Sooloos it was possible to Remove All items from the current play queue if stop was pressed (ie no track playing)

Whereas, if I hit Clear Queue after deciding I don’t want to play an album it only clears the tracks after the present one.

So if I haven’t finished playing the current track, in order to get a clean sheet and bring up your mischievous “Nothing playing :frowning: Go find something to play!” I either have to let the current track play to the end or drag along the timeline so it reaches the end.

It’s not the end of the world but it’s a bit annoying for us anal retentive types … :slight_smile:


Thought I should say thanks to the Roon team for adding this Feature Request in recent updates.
My anal tendencies have finally been answered, and a neat solution at that - Clear Queue > Clear.

Consider this closed on my part, and thanks again.