Remove artist from primary artist

When i want to select a “master” artist at primary artist i get several artist who are double. Roon sees them as seperate artist, so i can’t find all the albums of that artist in one selection
How can i edit the list of master artists and remove the double?
Regards. EMiel

Hello @Emiel_Jansen, I’m not entirely sure I understand what you are asking for, but it sounds as if you need to merge those duplicate artists. This KB article will help (scroll down to Merging People and Compositions)

Hi Brian
Sorry for my late reply, but that’s not the answer to my “problem”
My artist list is okay, but when i want te select an main artist to add to an album, that’s the list i want to edit so that in that list there are no double artists.
Is that posible?

Hello again!

It still seems to me that some merging is necessary; that list is of artists in your library.
But I’m probably misunderstanding, so in order that we can be clear about your problem, can you expand some more about what exactly you are doing, step by step if necessary. Perhaps a screen shot too?

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Edit albums and select a head artist.

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Remove (Shanklin), remove ?Espinel etc

Ok, now all those artists only appear because they are in your library. So when you start typing a name, you get duplicates yes?

Sometimes Roon’s metadata suppliers aren’t as good as they might be, and Roon may not realise two artists are in fact the same. So I still think you need to select the duplicates and merge them. Or am I still missing something?

Okay, thx. I found them not by artist but by composer. Can i select and delete them?
Or how can i remove this trash?

These i want to remove

I thought you said you had doubles? Anyway… You are saying you want to remove some artists/composers.

All these composers appear in your library by virtue of being tagged as composers via metadata, either from Roon’s sources, or from your file tags. Now we can remove these in Roon by finding where they are credited and editing that, but first - where are they coming from? By the look of them, I wonder if they are from your tags?

Note, there is no direct “remove artist” in Roon - we need to concentrate on the credits.