Remove devices from my roon account

Can you please remove all my devices from my roon account, so i can reinstall roon on my brand new device, thanks

What you are asking for doesn’t make any sense.

Read this -

Slim, try this link instead

Yeah, that doesn’t work either.

It does now… :smile:

Ok let me rephrase the question, my computer that had my roon core on it , the computer has gone unfixable and I was unable to delete roon off of it, now I am getting a new computer, can I use my new computer as the core, without me being able to remove roon off my old computer


Do you have Backups of your Roon library?

No I was just using qobuz with roon so far, no additional music files yet

Then just install Roon on your new device.

Ok thanks, I used to use audivarna and they had a limit on how many devices that could be used with a license key, thats why i was asking that question thats all

Roon only limits how many Cores can be active at one time.

Not your use case.

Thanks alot

Hi @Terry_Bradshaw,

@xxx is correct here, you can install Roon on as many PCs as you want, but you are limited to one active Roon Core at a time, if you already have one registered you will be presented with an Unauthorized page and after you un-authorize the previous Core, you should be all set! If you run into any issues, please just let us know!

Does anyone know , what causes tracks to drop the the sound of the music for like a millisecond, while tracks are playing without the tracks actually quit playing, its happens every now and then when using roon, playing tracks from qobuz

More often than not, it’s because of your network. Is your Roon core device connected by ethernet?

Yes it is , maybe rebooting my router could help

Rebooting can often solve lots of problems.

Yeah I agree thanks

Hi @Terry_Bradshaw,

Did a reboot of your router help with the issue?
Do you need further assistance with Roon?

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