Remove External Hard Drive

My Nucleus plus has two external hard drives where I store my music files attached. Apparently one of my hard drives is not set up to allow me to write files to it. I have tried to change permission but I have not been able to do so. I am thinking it is because the HDD is attached to the Server. My question is how do I disconnect the hard drive from the Nucleus and fix the permissions then reattach it without messing up the file structure of the Nucleus Plus. Any information would be appreciated.

Hi @Ronald_Johnston,

You should be okay to remove the drive and re-attach it once you’re finished without any worry. Roon will recognize it as the drive you were watching previously. If you’d like, you can turn off RoonServer via the Nucleus Web Administration Interface, disconnect the drive and make the changes, and then re-attach the drive once finished.

Can you confirm how the drive is formatted? Depending on the format, it may need to be reformatted in order to have full write permissions.