Remove favourite from Tidal via Roon


How do I remove this track from my tidal favourites?. There is no option in roon ??

See the picture attached.

I can’t remove it under Roon.

Any advice ?

Maybe, go to Tidal and remove it there.

But I don’t want to really. Roon is fully integrated I thought.

It doesn’t make sense so you can add it as a favourite but you can’t remove it in Roon!

Can anyone help on this ? Thanks

Any one from support . Basic requirement

I was looking for this yesterday and I believe it is just a missing feature in the Android client. You can delete Tidal tracks/albums from the Windows client however.

Hi @Adam_Hextall,

The TIDAL section of Roon is your TIDAL content presented “as is”, meaning you don’t have the full set of options that you have when viewing this content in your library. If you navigate to the same content in the Tracks or Albums browser in Roon you’ll have more options, including the option to delete.

Please note that not all options are currently available in the Roon mobile app.

Get this fixed we need full control via roon

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