Remove Roon Content from Tidal

I’ve read the FAQ and threads about removing Tidal content from Roon, but I seem to be having the reverse problem. My Tidal account has highly curated albums that i listen to when traveling. Since I started using Roon, when I log into my account - I have all of my albums from my local Roon collection showing up in my Tidal account. How can I get rid of this content and only see the albums I’ve saved in Tidal?

Thanks @support.

Hi Matt,

I believe you are discussing that Tidal albums added to your Roon library are now showing as favourited in the Tidal application.

If so there’s no way around it, as this is how the Roon <—> Tidal synchronisation is implementated.

  • Favourite in Tidal —> Adds to Roon library.
  • Add Tidal album to Roon > Favourites in Tidal.

If I’ve misunderstood please clarify.

Thanks for your reply.

I hadn’t favorited these albums in either service. I think Roon added them automatically as part of the essentials integration. Didn’t know what I was getting into when clicking that.

I did delete some of the albums in Roon and currently they still show up in Tidal but it says the content is not available for the album. Hoping that is just a sync issue that will resolve itself soon.

I’m okay with favorites being integrated between the services in Tidal, it was all the unwanted albums that are driving me crazy.

Hi again,

No worries, I understand now … I’m not very keen on that on boarding feature either as it trips up a lot of people.

Checkout the FAQ: I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content page in the Roon Knowledge Base, that should help you remove the TIDAL Collections content from your library.

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Thanks. I followed those steps but now seem to have an even worse situation.

The albums are still in my Tidal album list, but when I click on one I get this:

Very frustrating experience. I like Roon overall, but it really messed up my Tidal account in a way I would never have anticipated.

It looks like Roon has done the right thing (I’m assuming those albums are no longer showing in your Roon library), but not sure what’s going on over at the Tidal side.

Let’s tag @support to follow up with you.

Correct. The albums are gone from Roon, but still showing up in Tidal under album view but I get the above page error when I click on the album in Tidal.

Thanks for your help.

If you go to Settings/Services/Tidal and then Logout in Roon. When you go back to Tidal does it still show the unwanted albums in Tidal?

I logged out of the Tidal service within Roon.

Albums and errors still show up in Tidal.

Closed both applications and relaunched. Still there with same error.

Have you tried the Tidal App on a different device just as a test? I had something similar on a small scale the other day - it seemed that there was a cache on my phone app that needed rejigging - it eventually sorted itself out.

Search the forum for Delete Tidal Cache and see if doing that fixes it.

Deleting the cache did not help.

I tried accessing on my iphone. All the unwanted albums from Roon are showing up, but when I click on one of the ones generating the error above, I get a “No connection - tap to refresh” error.

I can click and play other albums with not problem on the iPhone.

And I did confirm that if I search for the album in Tidal, I can find it and play it with no problem. It seems the Tidal/Roon sync or essentials and my subsequent deleting of the albums in Roon really dorked up my Tidal content.

The alternative is to manually go unlike all these albums to get rid of them I suppose but there appears to be lots of and lots of them.

Hey Matt,

Sorry for the trouble here – I have an idea about what may have happened here, and I’d like to try and resolve this for you without sending you to TIDAL support. If this is only happening in TIDAL and not Roon, that may be required, but let’s gather some more information here and see if we can get this resolved for you.

First, can you provide a 2 or 3 links from the TIDAL website of the albums having this issue?

Second, can you let me know roughly how many albums you’re seeing this issue with? I don’t need an exact count, just a rough understanding of how widespread this issue is.

Finally, can you give me a rundown of the steps you followed here, as best you can recall? You set up a Roon Core – where is that running? You added one of our “TIDAL Collections” to your library – just the Essentials one or more than one? Then you followed the FAQ instructions for deleting the content? Were there any errors? Any other notable details? The more information you can provide here the better.

With that information, our support team should be able to help clean this up for you once everyone is back tomorrow.

Sorry again for the trouble here, and thanks for your patience. Happy New Year!

Here are some links:

I am seeing this issue with several hundred albums as far as I can tell. Any of the albums that were added automagically with the Essentials linkage to Roon and subsequently deleted seem to have this issue.

My roon core is running on an a Mac Pro. During the setup of Tidal in Roon it appears I clicked on an option to add Tidal essentials. I then noticed when using Tidal on my iPhone that I had hundreds of unwanted albums favorited in my account. Searched here and followed the directions to remove the essentials collection, which worked in Roon - but the albums still show up in Tidal and as noted above - when I click on the album I get an error.

Just looking to get this whole thing cleaned up so I can use both services.


Thanks Matt – I’m going to have our QA team do some testing on my theory, and if it looks like I’m right, I’ll reach out to our contacts at TIDAL to see if there’s a simple fix.

This is going to take a couple days, but we’re on it – sorry again for the trouble here.