Remove song from Tidal playlist and changing the default view

Hi I’ve just signed up, can you please tell me how I remove songs from Tidal playlists while listening to them e.g. a song is playing in a playlist and I decide I don’t want it in that playlist anymore?

I cant see this function anywhere.

Also while I have you - how do I change the default view when playing music from lyric view to one of the other view eg album art/band image etc.


Welcome @Zeki_Mustafa. You cannot change an imported playlist, you must first save a local copy. Once you have done that you can delete, add, sort, filter and so on.
The Roon Knowledge Base article on playlists will give you all the information you need.

For the default view, you need to configure the Now playing screen. You can change the order they come up via in the screen menu option from the three dots on the now playing screen.

Here’s a very useful post which explains things better.

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Thanks - but this makes Roon really useless to me - do roon developers intend for users to have a roon core in their car/boat/holiday home/hotel room/park,friends house and every other location where i want to listen to music thats not in my home? I want a piece of software to manage my library and i want to be able to take that with me around the world. Tidal app is rubbish, spotify is great but the quality is muck and now Roon, which i thought was the answer, seeks to lock users in to their eco system by not allowing them to edit tidal playlists. So it seems Roon is great for old has beens who store large collections on a hard disc. For young people who dont own one single piece of music and are interested in quality hi fi streaming it seems that roon is useless!

Then sadly, it seems Roon is not for you.

But is great for us “old has been’s”. By the way, Roon does not seek to lock people into anything, but is designed to enable us to manage and play our music from various different sources and platforms through a common and consistent user interface to potentially lots of different endpoints within our home. I have about 270 ripped CDs in my library (but will not be buying any more as all my new music is streamed), Tidal and Qobuz.

Roon is great for what I and many other want, it may not be perfect, but there again in this life, what is?

There may well be a “travelling” Roon in the future but it is not actually promised, but is probably being looked at/worked on. This does not make it “useless”, it merely makes it unsuitable for your purposes, so you simply need to find another product or service that does do what you want rather that ridiculing us old has beens for whom the product works as advertised and intended.

Sadly, at the moment Roon is not for you.

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Thanks. And well said. Ive nothing against old has beens! Im just very frustrated that Roon, which i supposed to be the cream of the crop, is sooooo good for curating and metadata and all the other beautiful features but actually extremely limited for someone that doesn’t have a physical library. If i want the very best functionality, ease of use and overall therefore the best all round system for online streaming, i have to use crappy spotify!

And i disagree that roon is not trying to lock people in. It absolutely is. If not it would allow users to update the tidal library - it has permission after all from the minute you sign in. But if it allowed that then someday Tidal and the other providers might catch up and not need roon any more. Thats a protectionist strategy which ONLY ever disadvantages customers.

The simple solution seems to be to allow the roon library to be stored in the cloud. Then i can play tidal or qobuz through roon while away from home and only have 1 music library i.e. the roon library.

Watch out roon - or someone will pass you out!

Whereas I hear what you say, I do not believe your “simple solution” will actually be that simple.

OK you have your Library in the cloud, but you need a Core to be running to access and play your Library content. Are you going to lug your Core machine around with you, because it sure won’t run on a mobile device? OK I expect you will come back with something like Roon must be running a multi-user Core in the cloud so all the heavy lifting will be done by some big server farm with the likes of AWS, and you just need the lightweight client to access and control it, and also receive the HiRes stream it delivers…

That is not so simple to implement and will cost, and although I believe Roon are looking into some form of Remote delivery, if it is like the model above, it must surely be a separate service, and separately charged for I would imagine.

I don’t think it is financially feasible for Roon to deliver such a service to all existing licence holders, although the annual fee could increase to cover - but then LOTS of “old Farts” just want to listen at home on their ancient big box HiFi rigs, so would not want to pay for this extra service. And as for delivering the new service to all Lifetime licence holders, Roon have to substantially increase their Capital and their Revenue costs without getting any additional income from them. That is a Bushiness model that cannot work financially, Generous - Yes; Feasible - No.

So it would have to be a separately charged for service; either as a stand alone separate product, or a Bolt-On to the existing service.

And it won’t be simple, which is why there is no other “someone” out there currently likely to pass them out any time soon, with a service that does what Roon does only better. It is a relatively limited market, Methinks.

So for me when away from home, I simply use the Tidal and Qobuz apps, which work, but do make me appreciate what Roon does for me at home. (Yes even us old has been’s listen to our music on the move or in other locations)…

If there were a Simple solution, someone would have done it (if they thought it financially worthwhile) but as there isn’t, Roon are safe for the time being. Look at the clout Amazon have, look at the massive development resources they have, then go see how poor their HiRes music delivery experience is…

I wish you well in your quest for music delivery nirvana, it is a goal we have in common.

Oh dear, what a mess. Good luck devs.

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