Remove Star Ratings (and Reviews) for Music In My Library

Is it possible to hide the editorial star ratings so the stars only appear if I’ve rated something myself?

If not, then is it possible to just hide them altogether?


I don’t believe you can. However your ratings will display instead of editorial, if you enter them.

I’ve moved this thread to Feature Requests.

Cheers, Greg

Cool, thanks.

Or to just not display ‘reviews’ altogether would be nice - not really interested in what someone else thinks about the music tbh lol.

I’d also really like to hide what others think of my music.

Agreed, nothing worse than a critic, except of course a music critic! I find the reviews very useful only for the links contained within them to band members, associated artists and albums. This to me makes the most of the Roon metadata and can lead to some fascinating voyages of discovery through my music collection. So I would prefer a ‘show metadata links only’ option to maintain this feature. It could be a Global setting for each Profile.

Strange. I can think of a whole lot of things worse than a critic.

That said, it’s pretty clear that a significant number of Roon users take umbrage at the “opinion” content in Roon, so being able to hide that content would likely be desirable. I find much of the opinion content worthwhile, whether for its entertainment or its educational value, so I don’t support axing it entirely.

I actually really enjoy the editorial ratings. I also like adding my own ratings. My request is to allow separate sorting by “editorial” and “your” ratings. In Focus there should be separate drop downs for “Editorial Rating” and “Your Rating” Thanks!


I totally agree. Other people’s opinions should not invade my music system or its controlpoints.
I do know that I like the music that I like - so why should I be interested in knowing that others don’t? If I don’t like a song, it’s gonna be erased, even if others do like it.
There is really no need for other people’s opinion on such a personal thing as the my music at home.
Point for iTunes :wink:

The only thing I dont like about roon

I think the team would be looking for a more compelling reasoning.


Although I don’t always agree with the reviews and star ratings, I usually find them quite useful/interesting. Why don’t you like them?


I, for one, have never paid any attention to them with Roon or any other music source. If it is possible to remove them from view, I do but, if not, I just try to ignore them.

I think it’s great to have the star ratings and reviews, even though I sometimes totally disagree with them. Some of the reviewers are really knowledgeable (e.g. Thom Jurek)…


+1 for the option at least

I know reviews are supposed to be one of the selling points for Roon, but it’s not much fun to pay £30 for a DSD album, import it, be really excited to listen to it, and before you’ve even had the chance to hit Play up pops a review that basically says “Meh.”


That’s an interesting point - something like a “No spoiler” flag one could set; reviewer ratings would appear only after the album got it’s first play.


I feel like the rating and reviews can create a bias towards an album I’m listening to. I understand the purpose of ratings/reviews when discovering new music through Tidal but when the music is already in my library I dont want someones review. Music is highly subjective so they dont mean much anyway

I love the reviews and star ratings even though they’re subjective, but I wouldn’t mind if we got the option to deactivate them.

Not a bad idea, but only as an option, please.

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The whole point of Roon was to make the computer audio experience like holding an LP sleeve in your hands. But they don’t have star ratings and critic reviews on LP sleeves, so why do they have them in Roon? There’s a big difference between liner notes and critic reviews. I’d like to see the former, not the latter. You can of course access the Pdf booklet with liner notes if the album has one, but that pulls you out of Roon. I’d like to see the Pdf incorporated into Roon, instead.

But why can’t it be even more than that? “Holding the sleeve” plus having the opportunity to read a review?

Please don’t take the reviews away from us. Just give people who don’t want to see them the option to hide them. That would be great.

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At the moment I’m not getting the “holding the sleeve experience” at all. All you get is the cover photo, which is the same as you get in iTunes. All the “holding the sleeve” stuff - back cover, liner notes, session photos - is on the Pdf, which you can’t view within Roon.

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