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I am new to Roon. I am importing a very large (26K albums) library that was ripped from my CD collection by a professional. When he ripped it, his software/CD robot was changed and several thousand CDs have subfolders for each individual file. For example, a Brahms CD of a symphony with 4 movements has a library folder (X:\New Extras!), a performer folder (>Georg Solti), a CD name folder (>Brahms Symphony 1) and 4 subfolders containing each of the 4 movements (>movement 1. >movement 2, >movement 3, and >movement 4). Roon inputs each of the 4 subfolders as a separate CD, so My Files does not have just one CD cover image for Solti’s Brahms Symphony 1 with 4 files, but instead there are 4 identical CD covers with only one file in each of the 4 subfolders. I can remove the subfolders by going into “X:\ New Extras!” with Windows Explorer and using the command NOT kind:folder – which leaves me with the >Brahms Symphony 1 folder with 4 files in it, so that only one CD cover is displayed and it has 4 files in it, as it should. But I cannot do this for thousands of CDs. Is there a way to have Roon ignore subfolders? That is what JRiver does. Thanks for your help. Jack

HI, I would think you are better off using a tool to rename your files from your metadata so that these intermediary subfolders are removed then the problem is solved for good, since you already have JRiver I expect you can do this quite easily in JRiver.

Thanks Paul. I don’t think JRiver can do that natively, but I have a friend who can write a program within JRIver to do it, I think. Appreciate the help.

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I am surprised if it doesn’t, but if it doesn’t and your friend doesn’t have time then most tagger programs will do it, this includes my own SongKong and Jaikoz but also tools such as Mp3tag and Yate.

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