Remove the two extra steps to delete track/album [Implemented in Roon 1.7]

Hi @danny,

Fair enough. What about wilh the added trash can feature that I suggested for those that really must have file deletion in Roon … would that work for you?

PS To be clear flagged as logicaly deleted would be totally independent to flagged as duplicate.


With 1.6, the Edit button no longer appears top right after selecting one or more albums in an artist screen. So we added a step (point to menu button, click to drop menu down, move down to Edit, click) to the album deletion process. Good grief.

If I’ve missed some change in the update that streamlines album deletion, please let me know and accept my apology. I re-ripped a few hundred rarely played CD’s to flac and now have to delete the mp3’s.

Guess I could create a “To Be Deleted” tag and do one huge deletion after tagging? Hmm…


The Edit button still appears if you are in the albums screen. And while you are there, you could focus on mp3s and multi select.

Would that help?

One of the most ridiculous ‘features’ of Roon is the deletion process. I could delete my entire library of RAW image files easier than a single virtual Tidal album in Roon. Please at least make it one click deletion for streaming titles, esp as we’ll now have two streaming services to choose from. It should be as easy to remove as it is to add from the library for those.

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Yes it’s a PIA process. Easy solution is to allow option to have an option in settings to “quick delete”
, with a bin icon appearing as appropriate, for those who don’t want the steps and leave as is for those who need the security.

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Thanks Brian, it does help.

It used to be easy, but people complained it was too easy.

I agree about the onerous delete process. It’s childish and amateurish.

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Perhaps take a Mac approach and have a trash bin that items are temporarily placed in with one click (and easly moved back if a mistake was made), and then a more secure deletion process to empty that bin.


No just Mac of course, Windows … and even my Sky TV recorder has this feature.


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There are always some old-timey users who don’t really understand the modern way Roon works…:rofl::rofl:


For the love of god…PLEASE fix this.

Sorry. Cleansing breaths have been taken and “Love Roon” mantra chanted.

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Yes, yes, and yes! It take me two steps to delete original files from my camera and practically every other computer device/software in existence, yet check after check to do the same to a file in Roon. Sure, have an extra check for local originals if it makes you and certain clients feel good, but not for easily replaceable VIRTUAL titles from Tidal or Qobuz.

Please!!! It’s very easy for library bloat to set in with the streaming services and a real pain to clean it up in an easy and timely manner.

Thank you! 4 clicks is certainly better than 11, hehe.


A simplified delete workflow has now been implemented in Roon 1.7 so I’m closing this topic.